Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me Monday

This is my first time to do the "Not Me Monday". I read MckMama's blog often, and I love when she does the Not Me Mondays. Not Me Monday is when women can tell about all the things they did or said that week that they are completely embarrassed about. A lot of them that I read are actually HILARIOUS!

It was totally NOT ME that accidentally cheated on my computer test by using the computer and my book on both parts of the test, when I was supposed to only using the computer and book on the FIRST part of the test. Nope, Not Me.

It was NOT ME that shaved my dog bald to try to get rid of the fleas, instead of just dipping her.

Nope, Not Me.

It was NOT ME that shoved all my clothes that were on my bedroom floor, in the closets and under the bed to "clean" before my grandma came to visit me. :)

And I did NOT go to see my best friend that is a hair stylist for the weekend, and let her cut all of my hair off, and not tell my boyfriend about it, and come home to surprise him with it. At which he did NOT freak out.

I hope to be able to do this every monday, it was fun. :)


Friday, September 25, 2009

Five Question Friday!

I just started this blog, but doesn't mean I haven't read other blogs. And alot of women do a "Five Question Friday". So I figured I would join in.

1. What celebrity have you been told you look like?
I have been told I look like Angelina Jolie. haha j/k. (I wish). But I really have been told I look like Ashley Judd. That was a long time ago though.

2. What is your all time favorite movie, any special reason why?
I seriously cannot think of an "All-time" at the top of my head, but I think I would watch Pretty Woman 10 times a day and it never get old.

3. Since we're talkin' movies...Popcorn: overrated, underrated, or 'bout right?
Bout right when you actually go to the movie theatre. but when i'm just sitting at home, watching a movie, I never eat it.

4. Are you a glass half empty or half full kinda person?
I'd like to say that i'm a half full person most of the time, but of course I have my days.

5. What perfume/cologne do you wear?
I wear Jessica Simpson's "Fancy". It smells AMAZING!! It's more a vanilla, almond scent.

Well that was fun! lol

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Beginning

So, i've decided to start a blog. Me. Someone that may talk ALOT, but not very good with words. So why have I started a blog? Because I have family that live states away from me. My mom recently just moved two states away for her job. So this is such a great way for her to keep up with what i'm doing in my life. Even though I talk to her 50 times a day. Then I have family in Illinois, and it's nice to keep in touch with them also.

So here I am, wondering what the heck i'm doing trying to start a blog! Well i'll try to explain myself a little. I'm Kasey, 20 yrs old, go to school full-time and work full-time. I have a boyfriend, Lance, of almost 2 years. You'll be hearing about him a lot i'm sure. He has a little boy, Caden, the sweetest thing you've ever met! You'll be hearing about him a lot also. I'm from a small town in Southeast Arkansas. Thats why my title is called Small Town Girl...Small Town Story. Because I want this blog to be about my life, something that I can come here and tell about important things that are going on in my life.

I have a sister, Megan and her husband David. They live 2 1/2 hours away from me. My sister is a full-time student, and youth ministers wife. My brother in law is a full-time youth minister. I have to admit that I have the best sister and brother in law ever.

My mom moved in July to Alabama to work as a Business Office Consultant for Golden Living Nursing Homes. She travels all over Alabama and Georgia running the homes. My dad still lives in this small town that I still live in. So its just us here now. haha.

So now that my mom has moved, i've gotta grow up. I'm learning more about me than i've ever learned about myself. I'm cooking, PAYING BILLS on my own, washing my own clothes, cleaning my own house, making sure I make it to school on time, etc. But I love growing up. : )

So, this blog is going to consist of me just growing up, making it through school, talking about my family, and all the crazy things that are going on in my busy life. Stick around, i hope to post as much as i can.