Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Katie Grace Designs Giveaway

Katie over at Katie Grace Designs is having a giveaway of these ADORABLE cupcake toppers!! They are absolutely precious! If you've never went to Katie's blog, I urge you to go now! She is amazingly talented, sweet, has the cutest family, and of course, lives in the best state in the US...Arkansas :)! Go on over to her blog and sign up for the giveaway, I promise you will love them!

I'm Still Here

I have been neglecting blogging lately because I have been so busy with work. That's my only time to blog is when i'm at work, so if i'm wrapped up in something, I can't blog :(. On the bright side, i'll be getting internet soon at home so i'll get to blog more! I have a little over 3 weeks before I start school!! I'm so excited to. I got a package in the mail yesterday showing my clinical schedule. And guess what they put me on for my VERY FIRST clinical?! THE E.R.!!! I have been really excited about doing clincals in the ER but didnt except them to make that my very first. And noone else in my class is doing ER with me. But I know i'll do good. I've been watching lots of BostonMed to help me :D haha!
Here are some things i've been up to lately:

  • We had Caden's birthday party last weekend. I can't believe he's 4!
  • My sister and brother-in-law are moving to Dallas, TX in a week.
  • I had my first Gyno appointment. It went ok. I loved the Dr. I could defintely see her delievering my babies one day.
  • You probably didnt want to know about my Gyno appointment. Sorry.
  • My hair is now a really dark brown. It's pretty. Want to see?



  • I am planning a girl's night with my best friends. It's our first girls night all summer, and our last. We are going to a new restaurant called Bravo, and going to get a booth that you can close the little curtain shut. Then we are going to the comedy club! So excited!
  • Lance and I are going to Atlanta to watch our good friend Keith, fish in the FLW tournament. He's a pro fisherman, and this is like the superbowl to fisherman. I'm also going to the Atlanta Aquarium which i'm so excited about!!! And also to Ikea for my very first time! I'll let you know allll about that!
  • I only have exactly 3 weeks of work left. I've been here for 3 1/2 years so i'm sad to go.
I think thats about it for the past week and a half. If you want to see alot more of my life and lots more pictuers, find me on facebook! Kasey Harrison. Monticello, AR. I'm always posting pictures on there!

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's all becoming a reality

When I first got my acceptance letter to Radiologic Technology (x-ray) school..I was so excited and sooo relieved! But it really didnt actually hit me because I really didnt have to do anything but just wait til orientation. Orientation rolled around about a month ago, and BAM! It feels like a ton of bricks smacking you in the face telling you "It's real! It's actually real!". We got our handbooks, purchased our lead markers, had to sign alot of papers, and was told of some of the stuff we had to take care of before school started.

...Now it's really starting to sink in. I just got through with my CPR class today. Me and my mom have been searching the internet for my books to get them at the cheapest price possible. We had to buy my tennis shoes, and I ordered my scrubs the other day. Unfortunately, our class has to go with a certain scrub brand
and two colors, Royal Blue and Ceil Blue. So I had to make sure I was in those guidelines. Why couldn't we have pink or teal? Like super cute colors?! Guess thats not what x-ray school is all about huh? LOL!! Here are the scrubs I decided to order:

These two pics are the tops. They have 4 front pockets so
all of my accessories can go in there. They are not this color though.

These are the bottoms. I made sure I got the flare leg. Can't be having
tight legged pants. lol

These are in the royal blue and ceil blue colors also.
Notice the arrows.

And this is my lab coat i'm going to get. They say it's freezing
in the classrooms and clinics so I'm defintely getting one of these.

It's all starting to become a reality!

Friday, July 9, 2010

What would you do with my mantel?

We are still working on the new house. Slowly but surely. I love decorating, throwing parties for friends, and anything crafty!! But since we have moved into a new house that is very country, it's so hard to decorate my mantel! Our living room walls is this beautiful wood that still looks like new, even though the house was built back in the war days. So what would you do to this mantel? Give me any suggestions!

I dont think the pictures go together, and I dont really like my dvd player and stuff on top. There are dvd's and book on that very bottom shelf now, but I have a dvd holder that i'm about to put those in. So what would you do to spruce up this mantel? Put pictures on the walls? Move things? Add vases? Anything?!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Will you please pray?

I made a Praying for Annika button. Feel free to grab it for your blog!

I just found out a couple days ago about a little girl in my town that just got diagnosed with a rare form of acute lymphocytic leukemia. Her name is Annika Nichols. Her parents are Davey and Missy Nichols. As I do not know them personally, only by seeing them around town, my heart breaks for Annika and her family. Annika is only 5 years old. They have immediately started her on treatments. I am going to make a blog button if its ok by the family. So yall will be able to put her precious picture on your blog to remind people to pray for her. I'll keep you updated when I know more information.

Isn't she just beautiful?