Friday, July 2, 2010

Will you please pray?

I made a Praying for Annika button. Feel free to grab it for your blog!

I just found out a couple days ago about a little girl in my town that just got diagnosed with a rare form of acute lymphocytic leukemia. Her name is Annika Nichols. Her parents are Davey and Missy Nichols. As I do not know them personally, only by seeing them around town, my heart breaks for Annika and her family. Annika is only 5 years old. They have immediately started her on treatments. I am going to make a blog button if its ok by the family. So yall will be able to put her precious picture on your blog to remind people to pray for her. I'll keep you updated when I know more information.

Isn't she just beautiful?


  1. What a beautiful girl! I am praying for her - thank you so much for sharing her story! Please let me know when you make the button, I would be thrilled to add it to our prayer requests.

  2. Oh how tough... most definitely in my prayers and thank you for for sharing.

    Morgan @