Monday, July 12, 2010

It's all becoming a reality

When I first got my acceptance letter to Radiologic Technology (x-ray) school..I was so excited and sooo relieved! But it really didnt actually hit me because I really didnt have to do anything but just wait til orientation. Orientation rolled around about a month ago, and BAM! It feels like a ton of bricks smacking you in the face telling you "It's real! It's actually real!". We got our handbooks, purchased our lead markers, had to sign alot of papers, and was told of some of the stuff we had to take care of before school started.

...Now it's really starting to sink in. I just got through with my CPR class today. Me and my mom have been searching the internet for my books to get them at the cheapest price possible. We had to buy my tennis shoes, and I ordered my scrubs the other day. Unfortunately, our class has to go with a certain scrub brand
and two colors, Royal Blue and Ceil Blue. So I had to make sure I was in those guidelines. Why couldn't we have pink or teal? Like super cute colors?! Guess thats not what x-ray school is all about huh? LOL!! Here are the scrubs I decided to order:

These two pics are the tops. They have 4 front pockets so
all of my accessories can go in there. They are not this color though.

These are the bottoms. I made sure I got the flare leg. Can't be having
tight legged pants. lol

These are in the royal blue and ceil blue colors also.
Notice the arrows.

And this is my lab coat i'm going to get. They say it's freezing
in the classrooms and clinics so I'm defintely getting one of these.

It's all starting to become a reality!

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