Friday, July 9, 2010

What would you do with my mantel?

We are still working on the new house. Slowly but surely. I love decorating, throwing parties for friends, and anything crafty!! But since we have moved into a new house that is very country, it's so hard to decorate my mantel! Our living room walls is this beautiful wood that still looks like new, even though the house was built back in the war days. So what would you do to this mantel? Give me any suggestions!

I dont think the pictures go together, and I dont really like my dvd player and stuff on top. There are dvd's and book on that very bottom shelf now, but I have a dvd holder that i'm about to put those in. So what would you do to spruce up this mantel? Put pictures on the walls? Move things? Add vases? Anything?!


  1. thats definetly a tough one... let me think....

  2. Perhaps some lighter color? I'd love to see a few glass & ceramic vases up there as well as pictures. Have fun!

    Morgan @

  3. I would paint the mantle so it stands out from the wood better. Maybe a creamy white or a light gray...