Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Years! Please be careful tonight, don't drink and drive!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Not-Me Monday

I have not done a Not-Me Monday is forever! I'm SLACKING! Hopefully I remember even how to do one!
It was NOT me that finally took time to put away my summer shoes and seen that it did NOT take two FULL boxes! That's sad.
It was NOT me that loved doing absolutely nothing for almost an entire week because of surgery. Who would want to do just nothing? That's just being lazy.
It was NOT me that loved having my mom at my house for a week, just to spend time with her, but secretly loving that she was cleaning my entire house for me. :)
And it is NOT me that had the best Christmas ever! Hope you all did too :)
Head on over to MckMama's blog to check out her Not Me Monday!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has had an AWESOME Christmas! I know I sure have! Apparently i've been a good girl this year because i've gotten more than expected! I have laid around (literally) in my pajamas all day! I just now put on clothes at 6 o'clock at night. We cooked and opened presents at my house. We had a redneck dinner! We had fried chicken, fried duck, peas, green beans, fried potatoes, cornbread, and corn casserole! and pies! And I loved every bit of it! I hate that I haven't posted in almost a week. I've been at home all week with no internet. It's been such a nice vacation...minus the surgery. I miss all my blog friends. I try to keep up through my phone, but I cannot post nor can I comment on anyones posts. Sorry. I'll be back to work on Monday, so i'll be posting a lot more. I just wanted to drop in and say Merry Christmas to you. Ill leave with a few surgery pictures. Their not very pretty.

When I just woke up from surgery. I was very high happy. I had tons
of blankets on me. They were even warmed! It was so cold in there!

My knee right after surgery. I had a drain put in because a blood vessel

The concotion me and my mom made up so I could FINALLY take a shower
after 3 days without one. It consists of seran wrap and a walmart bag.

My incisions after I took off my ace wrap. With the "yes" the guy
that prepped my knee wrote on there. I still have it on there too.
I guess the smart little guy used permanent marker. My knee is so
swollen you cannot even see my knee cap.

My goody bag that my work sent me! It had six pack of coke, and TONS
of candy! I've gained 10 lbs i'm sure! Sorry Keely and Mama M!

My new frappe machine Lance bought me for Christmas! It's so awesome!
You can make pretty much anything with this. It came with a recipe book.
Taste just like Starbucks!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Post Surgery

Hey everyone,

Sorry I have not blogged, but unfortuntely I have no internet at my house still. The surgery went GREAT friday. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me. When I got in the office, they took me back to get prepped. My nurse was extremely sweet and got the IV in on the first try! yay! My surgeon came in and PRAYED over me! How awesome was that! I all the sudden just felt a sense of peace and safety. He prayed such an awesome prayer. Then they let my mom and dad come back and sit with me til I had to go into surgery. The nurse anathesists came back and gave me some "i dont care medicine" which in fact, made me not care. lol. He wheeled me on back to the O.R., gave me a warm blanket and put me to sleep. Next thing I knew, I was awake and mom was coming to my side! I was EXTREMELY thirsty and I told my mom that I was "parshed" haha. So the nurse gave me some sprite. I also remember asking my mom that I wanted to know the "street name" for that medicine they gave me. lol! The rest of the family was able to come back into recovery for an hour. Then they got me dressed, and off I went! Lance drove me home, which I slept the entire way. He got me in the house (he was great) and onto the couch. I started waking up and needed some pain medicine, so i took an oxycotton they gave me and fell BACK asleep for an hour and a half. I finally was able to eat some chicken noodle soup. I actually ate a can and a half! I was so hungry! My mom has been so great! she has waited on me hand and foot, has cleaned my entire house, has cooked, and put ice on my knee whenever i need it. We have wrapped tons of presents, watched tons of movies, and grubbed on goodies! haha. My work sent me a goody bag with candy galore! I was really sore yesterday, I pretty much laid on the couch with an ice pack. Lance's stepmom is an RN so she came to check on me and pulled the drain from my knee. The surgeon said they usually dont have drains for knee patients but a blood vessel ruptured so they had to put one in. Today was a better day! I have walked around some but still kept ice on. I was hoping to get pictures up, but my cell phone is not letting me upload to facebook for some reason? I hope to be able to post again soon!! I can check comments, so feel free to leave all the comments you want! See ya!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hot and Healthy Thru The Holidays

Wow, it's already week 7. That's crazy! Head to Mama M's and Keely's blog and check to see how their week 7 went!'s it goin'? We are down to our last three weeks of Hot and Healthy...can you see a difference?
I can't see much of a difference in my body, but I love knowing that I have not had a coke in over 5 weeks! I also have not had a sweet tea in over 5 weeks! I drink unsweetened tea with splenda, and also sugarfree crystal light. It's nice to know that I have accomplished just this! It may seems little to other people, but this is huge to me!! I have never been this long without a Coke in over 3 years!

How are you doin' with your cardio...did you get your four hours in? (Oh, and Keely's being easy on us...we're just gonna leave the cardio goal at four hours!)
Sorry Keely, I quit working out until I have my surgery friday. After the surgery, i'll start physical therapy, then i'll start back working out!

Have you been able to incorporate more fruits and veggies in your diet? How about water?
I love fruits and veggies any way, so just telling me to eat more, is fine to me! I eat veggie's almost every night. And i've also been eating an apple a day! I have been drinking more water, just not 8 glasses a day.

I hope everyone had a great week 7!!!

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The good ole' days..

Do you ever wish you could go back in time to jr. high or highschool so you could just be careless and have fun again? I was thinking about that tonight when I was doing Lance's little sisters hair and one of her friend's hair for their Christmas Dance. They are both in the 7th grade. We had so much fun just curling their hair, putting their makeup on, getting their dresses on, making sure everything was just perfect! Man, those were the good ole' days. I really didnt like jr. high because of all the back stabbing, rumor spreading, evil girls there were. But boy did I love highschool. I had hardly any responsibilities, got to sleep in on the weekends, barely studied, and was soooo boy crazy! I love my life right now and would not change it for the world, but it would be nice to go back and have hardly any responsibilities.

My bestfriend Whitney and I have so many memories that everytime we get together, we always go back and talk about all the fun times we had together. The other weekend, we decided to go sit in her old room and talk about memories for about 3 hours. Do you and your best friend ever do that?

We talked about everything from the good and bad times we had. It was such a fun time! This is my last weekend to be limp-free for a while. Next week after my finals, I'll be having surgery on my knee. I was not concered at all until I started thinking about getting put to sleep, and it's kind of creeping me out. I've never had to get put to sleep before so i'm not sure what to expect. Then on top of that, I had a dream the other night that i DIED from my surgery! Wow, exactly what I need huh! I know that it's just an arthroscopy surgery, and i'm even an OUTPATIENT, it's just that my nerves are getting to me. I'm not even worried about the pain ill have to go through because I have a great high pain tolerance, it's just the getting put to sleep thing. I know my nerves will settle once I talk to the surgeon and he explains everything that he's going to do.

I'll leave with some pictures of the girls and their hair! I wish I could have gotten better shots at their dresses, they were ADORABLE! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

The back of hannah's hair. she has the most beautiful color red. This picture
doesn't do justice on the hair, it was so cute!

This was the back of Kim's. This picture really doesn't do justice.
Her hair was so thin, it was so hard to work with, but turned out great!

Kim and Hannah!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Me, Myself, and I

I found this survey on MySpace...which I NEVER get on my MySpace. But I decided to jump on there and seen this, so I figured I would put it on my blog, so yall could get to know me better! Feel free to copy this if you want to do it too!

What does your mom call you?
[ Kasey, Baby ]

What are you thinking about right now?
[ Wishing my teacher would post our Algebra grades online! ]

Do you enjoy going through the car wash?
[ When i'm lazy but it never washes my car the way I want it too ]

What was the reason you last received flowers?
[ For my birthday from my dad ]

Name some things you would never tolerate in a relationship?
[ Cheating and Lying ]

Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?
[ Definitly ]

Who was the last person you were in a car with under the age of 21?
[Myself, I'm 20 ]

Do you like pickles?
[ Yes! ]

Are you texting someone?
[ Not at the moment..but I text all the time.]

Do you want to know the date of your death?
[of course not, why would I? ]

What was the last thing you looked up on Google?
[ An article for one of my classes I had to present. ]

When was the last time you went on a cleaning spree?
[ A few weeks ago, i've been lazy here lately ]

What are you listening to?
[ The guys talk in my office, and the phone ringing ]

Do you have a best friend that knows you inside and out?
[ yep, doesn't everyone? ]

Is green your favorite color?
[ it's one of my favorites, I really don't have a favorite, I love bright colors, then I love neutral. Ok, I dont have a favorite. ]

Have you known your best friend a long time?
[ Around 10 years :) ]

Do you think you can know everything about a person?
[ Nah...I know almost everything about lance, but it would take forever for him to tell me everything that has went on in his life. ]

Have you ever received a ticket from a police officer?
[ No. ;) i've been extremely lucky and have talked my way out of all of them, even going 72 in a 55. One day i'm not going to be so lucky. ]

Do your feelings get hurt easily?
[ Not really. Unless it's one of those emotional days.]

What are you doing tomorrow?
[ Going to work, going to school, and studying. My life is boring. ]

Have you broken the law in the last 3 days?
[ Except for speeding, no. ]

Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?
[ yes, lance knows everything. I'm sure he gets pretty bored with me telling him everything. He usually just nods and says uh huh. mm yep, ohhh, ok. ]

Do you like to go out in the rain?
[ I dont mind unless its cold outside, or I've got somewhere to go, then my hair messes up. ]

Is there someone you just CANNOT stand?
[ This is mean, but yes. Don't judge me, i'm sure you all have one of those people too! lol ]

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo?
[ Yes, but I can never make up my mind what I want to live with for the rest of my life. ]

Have your parents ever caught you drinking?
[ Not in the process..Me and my bestfriend told our moms everything we did in highschool. So we are guilt-free :) ]

Do you love the last boy/girl you were talking to on the phone?
[ It was a no. lol ]

Last restaurant you went to?
[ I think Buffalo Grill in Little Rock. ]

Did you have an exciting last weekend?
[ Not really, didnt do much. It was more relaxing weekend, which I like! ]
Have you ever dyed your hair?
[ Yes, blonde, brown-red, black, back to brown, I love different looks! I've been natural for a couple of years.]

Is there anything in your past that you'd like to try again?
[ No..everything happens for a reason. I would love to go back and just have fun like I used to in highschool. I had no responsibilities or anything! ]

What's something that can always make you feel better?
[ Venting about it, and just going to sleep, and waking up in a better mood. ]

Have you ever worn the opposite sex's clothing?
[ I'm always wearing lance's pajama pants. ]

Describe your bestfriend?
[ Down to earth, great mom, hilarious, fun, she gets my stupid jokes, and i get hers, i could go on. love her. ]

Pretty long survey. Hope you got a little information about me!! Again, feel free to copy & use it yourself!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hot and Healthy Thru The Holidays

I didn't participate last week because I was hardly on my blog. I was just so busy. So am I this week, and the next. I have finals next week and i'm done with school for a month! Can I get a WHAT WHAT! Ahem..anyways.. I've been doing OKAY on eating healthy. Lance has even joined in with me, so we're both dieting and exercising. Well i'm not exercising, i'm holding out until my knee surgery. It's really painful when I exercise and i'm focused on getting my knee better. So after surgery and physical therapy, i'll be starting The Shred again, walking on our treadmille and walking gliding on the gazelle. Lance has already started walking on the treadmill. If he keeps this up, he'll lose 20 pounds in 2 month. Men just make me sick! It's so easy for them to lose weight! I have had no fast food, we've been eating at home, and i've been munching on fruit! Yay for me! I hope you all have been doing great too! Go check out Mama M and Keely and see their progress!!!

I've got a survey post coming up tomorrow. It's random questions I found and decided to answer them. So don't forget to stop by tomorrow!

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Five Question Friday & Quick Post

I feel like i've been neglecting my blog, but this week has been CRAZY! i've been so busy at work, and decorating, and these are the last two weeks of school so finals are coming up! I found out I will be having surgery on my knee on December 18th. So I will be down a few days, but it's nice that I wont miss school since i'll be out. I've got like 10 minutes to finish this post up, so i'm gonna do Mama M's Five Question Friday!

1. Favorite gift you are GIVING this year?

I can't say it on here because my family reads this, but I really can't think of anything special. It's going to be a tight Christmas this year. But I think i'm going to make everyone cinnamon candy for everyone and put it in jars.

2. How many parties are you attending between now and Christmas?
I dont think any? lol. Maybe our sunday school class is going to have one, but that's it!

3. What is your favorite Christmas song?
I don't have a favorite, love alot of Christmas songs!!!

4. Who was your favorite elementary school teacher and why?
Mrs. West. She was awesome!! I fell off a bench at recess one day, and landed on my knee and couldn't walk, and she came down, picked me up, and carried me all the way up a hill and into the school's office. She was like 7 months pregnant. She was a great teacher! I also LOVED mrs. funderburg to!

5. If you had a choice to live in any other period of time (other than now) what era would you choose and why?
I would love to live in the era when adam and eve was born. First, because I could slap Eve for doing the stupid things she did, because now child birth sucks because of her. And I would love to learn how to survive by killing animals with hand made knives and get to see wooly mammoths! haha!

P.S. I'm headed to Little Rock for my town's State Championship! Yep, that's right! Monticello is going to State for the first time in 15 years!!!!! whoooo!!! I'm so excited! It's supposed to be 20 degrees and snowing, but i'm packing on layers so I can cheer for The Billies (it's a goat)!!!!! I hope we win!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A lot of pictures

I haven't been able to post in a few days because I had to access to the internet. But i'm back, with a lot of pictures. I had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving at my grandma's. I ate sooo much! I'm not feeling so hot and healthy :( . We had every dessert you could think of! My mom, my sister, and I decided to go shopping on Black Friday, and I actually enjoyed it! We did not get up at 4 in the morning to go shopping because we had nothing huge to buy. But my brother-in-law on the other hand, did. He actually got up at Best Buy at 8 o'clock the night BEFORE, and did not get into Best Buy til 5 that morning!! He and his brother stayed up all night in the freezing cold to get laptops. He needed a new one, and he also got another laptop and a desktop computer monitor for their church! He was like 10th in line or somethin'. He said the first people in line were there at 12 o'clock that afternoon! How crazy! Anyways, I got a lot of shopping done, and spent under 100 dollars!! I rock! Then yesterday, Lance and I took Caden to the world championship duck calling contest, about 1 1/2 hours away from the house. They had huge tents to buy stuff, a carnival, and then of course, the calling contest. Caden very much enoyed the carnival rides, until he looked like he was feeling sick on one of the rides, thank goodness he got through it without puking! A guy I work with and also Lance's bowling league teammate was in the calling contest, so we watched him. Well here are the tons of pictures from the past few days! Enjoy!!

My Christmas Tree!!

My sister, Megan, and brother-in-law, David

My Grandma, Me, Megan, and My Mom!

Watching one of his daddy's hunting videos. What 3 yr old watches HUNTING VIDEOS!?!?

Looking at the fish.

Caught ya!

This is the ride that almost made him sick. lol

Lance- "My son's a pimp!"

Logan in the calling contest!

On the way to church this morning.

He wanted to take a picture of me. lol

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hot & Healthy - Week 4!

Wow, I cannot believe it's already week 4! I've done better this week than last week, but I still think I could have done even better.

Have you gotten into a good workout routine that you're able to stick to?

Not really. I still have not moved the treadmill into my den yet. I will do that soon though.
Did you try the Pilates exercise's..please say you did..please!?!
:( no. I still have no internet at my new house yet. So i usually only blog when i'm at work, or at lance's office. I promise Keely, I will try it as soon as I can!!!

Did you get all your cardio in?
No I did not :(. But I got more in than last week! I also try to park in the back of the parking lot at wal-mart, and all that good stuff to try to get a few more steps in when I can!

Did you have any fast food..if so, did Mama M's awesome healthy tips post make you choose more carefully?
I did have fast food, I really dont know what was better for me, so I just tried watching my portions and not eat everything in front of me!
Last, but sooo not least..Are you feeling Hot and Healthy?
Not totally there yet, but i'm hoping to get there soon!!!

I'm still so happy with myself that I have been off of Coke for 3 whole weeks now! Holy Cow! You guys have no idea how long that is for me...unless your the person that is addicted to coke or any other carbinated beverage like I am was. I really have been trying to watch the portions that I eat also. I've been staying out of the candy bowl at my work :). Thats another bonus point for me! lol.

Hope you hot and healthy girls are doing great!!!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Five Question Friday

My Little Life

Ahh Friday! So happy it's friday! It's been a crazy week for me. Between school, orthopedic surgeon, more school, MRI at the hospital, school again. Today was  a good day. I got up, went and go my MRI done, then HURRIED off to school to make up a test I missed due to the MRI. Thankfully I have a sweet teacher that let me make it up an hour late. Tonight i'm going to get my house cleaned so that I can put up my christmas tree tomorrow! I always wait til after Thanksgiving, but my mom is coming in from Alabama and I don't feel like messing with it when she's here. So tomorrow I have a free day, so i'm just going to do it then! Well today is Five Question Friday. Head to Mama M's blog and check her out. She's cool! The rules: Copy the questions, paste them to your blog, answer them, then head to Mama M's blog and link up! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
P.S. How do you like my new header? I'm not to sure about it, but it will do until I can make a really good one, with good pictures!

1. Are you a Black Friday shopper?
I've never gotten up early and went shopping, i'll wait til I have kids to do that. But i've been looking around and if I see anything on sale that I really want, i'll get up and go get it! I've been shopping for the last 2 months for Christmas!

2. What was your favorite childhood toy? (Think Easy Bake Oven, Cabbage Patch Kid, Shrinky Dinks, etc.)
This may not count, but probably outside. I was such a tomboy when I was little. I was outside every chance I got. We had a playhouse outside and I stayed in that 24/7! We had woods by our house, that I used to go "hiking" in. Haha! awww i miss those good ole' days.

3. Favorite Christmas movie?
The Grinch! haha. Love that movie.

4. What is the "must have" item on your Christmas list this year?
I really haven't thought about what I really want. I need some new Uggs. I have no boots to wear for winter. And I found this robe from Victoria Secrets that I fell IN LOVVVEEE with! It was amazing. So maybe someone will get that for me *hint hint* Lance *hint hint* :)

5. Do you go all out with decorations or do you keep it simple and classy?
I want to go all out with decorations, but I dont have the money to just go blow it. I get a lot of stuff from Lance's mom. Then if I find some stuff for cheap, i'll get it! I'm hoping to put Christmas lights up on the house this year. I can't wait to be able to go all out! I love decorating for holidays!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doctor's Visit

Yesterday was my visit at the orthopedic surgeon. I really like him! The first surgeon I went to, i didn't like so much. He got xrays done, and then told me that I was going to need an MRI done before he could tell me if I was going to need surgery (which it looks like I am). He said the tendon on the right side of my kneecap is pulling my kneecap to much to the right which is pulling it out of align. If I do have to have surgery, it will be microscopic, and they will go in and just cut my tendon?...I'm pretty sure thats how he told me. Tomorrow I will be getting the MRI done and then we'll go from there!

Now I have a blog question! I want a new header for my blog. I created one on picnik. Then went to and uploaded it and got a html code. Where do I put that code to get it on my header?! I've tried everywhere! Is it my blog design that won't let me or what? Plllleeeaaassseee help!! It's stressing me out! Is it the html code or what? Do I need to get a code somewhere else? Whatever you think it may be, please let me know, and try to explain to me what i'm doing wrong! Thanks so much!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hot and Healthy Thru The Holidays

H&H Button

I've been debating all day if I should even join in on the blog hop this week because I did just horrible this past week! I hardly exercised, and my eating habits weren't TO bad, but still could have been better. I've been letting things get in the way of my exercising. I'll want to do my exercise video but then say "well cleaning the kitchen needs to get done", or "I need to run to walmart". I just need to STOP and realize that I have to get my exercising done to get healthy! ugh. I'm so ashamed. But I will brag on myself that today was exactly 2 weeks since i've had a coke! or any carbinated(sp?) drink!!! except for half of a sprite. But as most of you know that i'm addicted to coke's and this is my new world record! yay for me!

So any of those that want to leave me a tough comment and tell me to get my butt up and get my exercises done, then be my guest! Maybe that will help me! I hope you all did a lot better than I did! Tomorrow is the big day, I go see an orthopedic surgeon at 10:30 in the morning to see what's up with my knees. Let's hope for good news!

Monday, November 16, 2009

No Not Me Monday

I'm not doing Not Me Monday today because I seriously cannot think of anything right now. I cleaned almost my entire house this weekend, which was nice. I love having a clean house. I still have a WHOLE BUNCHA clothes to wash though. Ugh. It seems if you get behind on laundry, you NEVER catch up. It's very annoying.

I'm going to go see an orthopedic surgeon wednesday for my knees. Mostly my right knee. It started hurting the beginning of 2008. I went to my family doctor around october of 2008. She sent me to a physical therapist to work on it. My right knee was in pain, and everytime I would walk up and down steps it would pop and crack. It sounded nasty. I went to one of the best known physical therapist in the state of Arkansas, which happens to be in my hometown, and I used to go to church with him. Very great man. Anyone that lives in Arkansas and needs physical therapy. Go to Nat Grubbs in Monticello. He's awesome. Well after 10 therapy visits, a lot of electrical impulses, tons of ice packs, workouts, etc. Nothing helped. I was 1 in 5 people in his whole career that could not be fixed. Dr. Nat was not very happy about it either. So I went back to my family doctor and she sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. This was last December. He came in, looked at it, gave me a cortisone shot, and sent me on my way. I did NOT like him. He seemed like he just did not care at all. Plus, the cortisone shot didn't work. So now my right knee is in even more pain, and now my LEFT knee is doing the same thing! So I called Dr. Nat back and asked him to recommend someone for me. So i'm now going to another orthopedic surgeon and see what he thinks needs to be done. Let's hope NO SURGERY!! I'm most likely going to get an MRI done, which is nice because we NEED to figure out what's wrong. The last orthopedic surgeon didn't even talk about an MRI. Then hopefull it will be something that can be easily fixed. Let's hope!

So if you feel inclined to do...please say a prayer for me..I would greatly appreciate it! I'll keep you all updated and what the doctor says!

P.S. If you haven't went over to Mama M or Keely's blogs, you totally should. Their doing a Hot and Healthy Thru The Holidays, which is totally fun. I even won a pedometer from Mama M!!! How awesome is that! Thanks Mama M!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Five Question Friday

My Little Life

I feel like I have been slacking on the blogging, i'm hoping to get better at this! But today is my favorite day of the week! Why? Because it's the weekend, and because it's Mama M's Five Question Friday! If you've never done Five Question Friday, I encourage you to join in! It's super fun and you get to connect to a lot of great people!!

P.S. Friday is still my favorite day of the week even though it's the 13th.

1. What is your favorite "eat" on Thanksgiving?

What kind of question is this!? I mean, it's Thanksgiving for pete's sake! How do you decide what really is your "favorite" food. I love absolutely EVERYTHING I eat on Thanksgiving. I seriously gain 10 lbs on Thanksgiving. I eat alllllll day long! I remember one year, my grandma baked these delicious rolls. I ate those rolls all afternoon, my poor belly was so swollen because of all the yeast in my stomach. haha! But not this year! This year is Hot and Healthy Thru The Holidays...and i'm stickin' to it! Oh, and I also love Cherry Pie...MMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!

2. What is the name your best girl friend and the best trait about her or how you met (or heck, both!!)
Well I have 2 best friends, Whitney and Lindsey. But I could talk about both forever, so i'll just stick with Whitney. Me and Whit because best friends in 7th grade when her uncle married my cousin. (That's how we met). We "literally" lived together, every single weekend. And i'm not kidding about that. If I did not come home on friday, my mom knew I was at whit's, and Vise Versa. lol. The best trait about her is that she is SO laid back! And that we are just alike, but we don't argue. Me and Whit have had 1 arguement in our almost 10 year friendship. She knows everything in my life, and I know everything in hers. She is the bestest friend a girl could ask for! She just had her first baby back in Feb. and she's the most precious thing you'll ever meet. Ok i'm done now.

3. What would you say is one of your "weirdest" quirks?
I will have to go with Mama M on this one. My sheets! I CANNOT lay in my bed if it is not made. I MUST have the fitted sheet completely straight and pulled over. and i must have my flat sheet straight on my bed, then have my comforter completely straight over my bed. haha. Lance thinks i'm so weird with this. And I cannot go without my sheets washed for a week. I wash my sheets every weekend. Some people go 2-3 weeks and I just can't do that!

I would also say, that I can't stand people doing things around me when i'm brushing my teeth. It makes me sick if someone tries to come brush their teeth beside me. I will throw a FIT! lol. It's so weird but that's just me!

4. What is your favorite genre of music? (Hip hop? Classical? Rock? etc.)
Christian and Country. I love rap to. I know, it's trashy, but I love the beats and stuff. It's fun to dance to! I love old rock and roll.

5. Are you a Night Owl...or an Early Bird?
Night Owl for sure! I hate getting up early! I could stay up all night. I actually stayed up last night til 12 just doing homework. Then had to get up at 7:15.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I figured I would write a quick post, about nothing really. I want to get some pictures I took off my camera of Lance and I fishing this weekend, but I gotta get back to homework. Y'all do NOT know how happy I will be when this semester of school is over! ahhh! I will be so happy. It's been a tough semester!

I'm watching the CMA's, and they are extremely funny this year!! I'm loving it! I was writing this post for a reason. lol. Well I hope to actually have a better post tomorrow!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hot and Healthy Thru The Holidays- Week 2!

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Week two is beginning! And lots more exercise and eating tips are coming up from Keely and Mama M! Here are a few questions for the past week that all of us hot and healthy girls are answering!!

How'd your first week go? It went ok. I could have done better!

Did you get your cardio in? Not the 150 minutes like i should, but i'll try better this week! Some things came in the way of that, ill try not to let it happen this week!

Did you try any of Mama M's snacking tips? yes! i really just watched my portions. And GOT OUT OF MY CANDY BOWL at work! I also quit drinking soda's all together!

Did you at least try Keely's Pilates Hundred? No because I dont have the internet at my new house yet. But i'll try to get it some how!

Are you taking this as seriously as we are? Yes I am! I'm just slacking a bit!

What are your thoughts? I love this idea. It's great knowing that there are more women out there going through this with me!

Instead of 150 minutes.. we are now adding 20 minutes on to that! so for the next week, we all need to get in 170 minutes of cardio!!! We can do it girls!