Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doctor's Visit

Yesterday was my visit at the orthopedic surgeon. I really like him! The first surgeon I went to, i didn't like so much. He got xrays done, and then told me that I was going to need an MRI done before he could tell me if I was going to need surgery (which it looks like I am). He said the tendon on the right side of my kneecap is pulling my kneecap to much to the right which is pulling it out of align. If I do have to have surgery, it will be microscopic, and they will go in and just cut my tendon?...I'm pretty sure thats how he told me. Tomorrow I will be getting the MRI done and then we'll go from there!

Now I have a blog question! I want a new header for my blog. I created one on picnik. Then went to and uploaded it and got a html code. Where do I put that code to get it on my header?! I've tried everywhere! Is it my blog design that won't let me or what? Plllleeeaaassseee help!! It's stressing me out! Is it the html code or what? Do I need to get a code somewhere else? Whatever you think it may be, please let me know, and try to explain to me what i'm doing wrong! Thanks so much!


  1. Someone answered your blog header the same way I would on the Blog Frog post. I'm just stopping by to see if you had changed it yet :)

  2. thanks jamie. i was going to ask you bc i seen you use gimp too. im a newbie at it. i dnt have the internet at my house yet..just moved here. but ill change it tomorrow! keep a lookout!

  3. Hey Kasey thanks for stopping by- Girl this work out is NOOO joke but effective, come on you can do it..

    I still eat the same food i ate before. I don't eat fry food (don't like it) Or mcdonalds and so on. But i do eat everything else, all i changed was the portion. I eat 3 meals a day and healthy snacks in between.

    So reduce portions, don't skip meals, eat healthy snacks and drink plenty plenty of water!

    God bless and remember, you can do anything you put yourself to....