Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fabulous Find!

It has been a LONG day for me. We went and visited lance's mom last night and stayed, and today, I really didn't do much, but I feel so exausted. So now on a Saturday night, i'm laying around blogging :). I know this is not Friday, but I have to tell you a fabulous friday find. Old Navy had a huge sell going on for just today only. They had their scarves $1.00 each!! And they were not just decorative scarves, they were fleece scarves! You could only get 5 scarves though. You then had to check out and go get more scarves, and stand in line again. So I decided to just get five!

I was so happy I was able to find some great scarves for winter! Now we're home, just relaxing for the night. I'm thinking about going to bed early, some reason, i'm just extremely tired! Here's a pic of Caden on the way home, he was tuckered out! He had a long day as well!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!!