Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I figured I would write a quick post, about nothing really. I want to get some pictures I took off my camera of Lance and I fishing this weekend, but I gotta get back to homework. Y'all do NOT know how happy I will be when this semester of school is over! ahhh! I will be so happy. It's been a tough semester!

I'm watching the CMA's, and they are extremely funny this year!! I'm loving it! I was writing this post for a reason. lol. Well I hope to actually have a better post tomorrow!!


  1. I hear you about wanting the semester to be over! What are you studying? My major is English and I'm minoring in Political Science. I watched the CMSA's too last week...while I was studying of course!! Haha.

  2. So I meant CMA's. And last night, not last week. It's been a long week haha!