Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Where has the weekend gone?! I have been EXTREMELY busy all weekend. Actually, i've been busy starting last Thursday. But that's a whole nother' post. So, Not Me Monday is back! MckMama has not been able to post a Not-Me Monday due to baby Stellan being in the hospital, but go ahead and go over to her blog and love on baby Stellan.

We had a Heaven and Hell house at our church and I so DID NOT take some small children that could not(they really could not) go through hell just to the heaven part to meet their parents there. And my pastor so DID NOT miscount the group number so I so DID NOT take two children into heaven in the wrong group and sat there with them through the whole heaven scene, without their parents!

While doing the last night of Heaven and Hell house last night, I was NOT asked out of the blue to be an angel in heaven. I totally DID NOT say yes! and then realize that I had to take off my blue jeans. I DID NOT freak out about wearing just white shorts underneath because my robe was short and I HAVE NOT shaved my legs in a week!

My friends that were in heaven with me DID NOT call me, hairy angel all night. Nope, they love me more than that.

And I definitely DID NOT have the most absolute, fabulous, time with the most greatest people in my life! Nope NOT ME!

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