Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hot and Healthy Thru The Holidays- Week 2!

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Week two is beginning! And lots more exercise and eating tips are coming up from Keely and Mama M! Here are a few questions for the past week that all of us hot and healthy girls are answering!!

How'd your first week go? It went ok. I could have done better!

Did you get your cardio in? Not the 150 minutes like i should, but i'll try better this week! Some things came in the way of that, ill try not to let it happen this week!

Did you try any of Mama M's snacking tips? yes! i really just watched my portions. And GOT OUT OF MY CANDY BOWL at work! I also quit drinking soda's all together!

Did you at least try Keely's Pilates Hundred? No because I dont have the internet at my new house yet. But i'll try to get it some how!

Are you taking this as seriously as we are? Yes I am! I'm just slacking a bit!

What are your thoughts? I love this idea. It's great knowing that there are more women out there going through this with me!

Instead of 150 minutes.. we are now adding 20 minutes on to that! so for the next week, we all need to get in 170 minutes of cardio!!! We can do it girls!


  1. Yay Kasey!! You're doing GREAT!!! Keep it up yo!


  2. Kasey--you are awesome! So impressed with your commitment! Way to step away from the candy... ;)

  3. You're off to a great start! Keep it up!