Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hot & Healthy - Week 4!

Wow, I cannot believe it's already week 4! I've done better this week than last week, but I still think I could have done even better.

Have you gotten into a good workout routine that you're able to stick to?

Not really. I still have not moved the treadmill into my den yet. I will do that soon though.
Did you try the Pilates exercise's..please say you did..please!?!
:( no. I still have no internet at my new house yet. So i usually only blog when i'm at work, or at lance's office. I promise Keely, I will try it as soon as I can!!!

Did you get all your cardio in?
No I did not :(. But I got more in than last week! I also try to park in the back of the parking lot at wal-mart, and all that good stuff to try to get a few more steps in when I can!

Did you have any fast food..if so, did Mama M's awesome healthy tips post make you choose more carefully?
I did have fast food, I really dont know what was better for me, so I just tried watching my portions and not eat everything in front of me!
Last, but sooo not least..Are you feeling Hot and Healthy?
Not totally there yet, but i'm hoping to get there soon!!!

I'm still so happy with myself that I have been off of Coke for 3 whole weeks now! Holy Cow! You guys have no idea how long that is for me...unless your the person that is addicted to coke or any other carbinated beverage like I am was. I really have been trying to watch the portions that I eat also. I've been staying out of the candy bowl at my work :). Thats another bonus point for me! lol.

Hope you hot and healthy girls are doing great!!!

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  1. Good job on the coke girl and watching your portions and staying away from the candy..that would ba a tough one for me..Keep up the good work!!

  2. Good for you for staying away from the candy bowl. And AWESOME JOB on staying away from the Coke! Keep it up!

  3. great job on the coke! i gave up soda forever ago and i feel so much better... now only if i could give up coffee!

    sweets are my downfall lately... i'm super impressed that you are staying out of the candy bowl at work! wow, that's motivation!

  4. Congrats on overcoming your Coke "addiction"! I know that can be tough for some people. I've had friends who have gotten severe headaches when they tried to stop drinking Coke or diet Coke.

  5. Way to go, dude!!! I'm so sorry, but I haven't mailed your pedometer out yet...but I will, SOON!!!! I promise!