Friday, December 4, 2009

Five Question Friday & Quick Post

I feel like i've been neglecting my blog, but this week has been CRAZY! i've been so busy at work, and decorating, and these are the last two weeks of school so finals are coming up! I found out I will be having surgery on my knee on December 18th. So I will be down a few days, but it's nice that I wont miss school since i'll be out. I've got like 10 minutes to finish this post up, so i'm gonna do Mama M's Five Question Friday!

1. Favorite gift you are GIVING this year?

I can't say it on here because my family reads this, but I really can't think of anything special. It's going to be a tight Christmas this year. But I think i'm going to make everyone cinnamon candy for everyone and put it in jars.

2. How many parties are you attending between now and Christmas?
I dont think any? lol. Maybe our sunday school class is going to have one, but that's it!

3. What is your favorite Christmas song?
I don't have a favorite, love alot of Christmas songs!!!

4. Who was your favorite elementary school teacher and why?
Mrs. West. She was awesome!! I fell off a bench at recess one day, and landed on my knee and couldn't walk, and she came down, picked me up, and carried me all the way up a hill and into the school's office. She was like 7 months pregnant. She was a great teacher! I also LOVED mrs. funderburg to!

5. If you had a choice to live in any other period of time (other than now) what era would you choose and why?
I would love to live in the era when adam and eve was born. First, because I could slap Eve for doing the stupid things she did, because now child birth sucks because of her. And I would love to learn how to survive by killing animals with hand made knives and get to see wooly mammoths! haha!

P.S. I'm headed to Little Rock for my town's State Championship! Yep, that's right! Monticello is going to State for the first time in 15 years!!!!! whoooo!!! I'm so excited! It's supposed to be 20 degrees and snowing, but i'm packing on layers so I can cheer for The Billies (it's a goat)!!!!! I hope we win!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

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