Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hot and Healthy Thru The Holidays

Wow, it's already week 7. That's crazy! Head to Mama M's and Keely's blog and check to see how their week 7 went!

Ladies...how's it goin'? We are down to our last three weeks of Hot and Healthy...can you see a difference?
I can't see much of a difference in my body, but I love knowing that I have not had a coke in over 5 weeks! I also have not had a sweet tea in over 5 weeks! I drink unsweetened tea with splenda, and also sugarfree crystal light. It's nice to know that I have accomplished just this! It may seems little to other people, but this is huge to me!! I have never been this long without a Coke in over 3 years!

How are you doin' with your cardio...did you get your four hours in? (Oh, and Keely's being easy on us...we're just gonna leave the cardio goal at four hours!)
Sorry Keely, I quit working out until I have my surgery friday. After the surgery, i'll start physical therapy, then i'll start back working out!

Have you been able to incorporate more fruits and veggies in your diet? How about water?
I love fruits and veggies any way, so just telling me to eat more, is fine to me! I eat veggie's almost every night. And i've also been eating an apple a day! I have been drinking more water, just not 8 glasses a day.

I hope everyone had a great week 7!!!

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  1. Good luck with your surgery! What exactly are you having done..it's your knee right?

    Awesome job on the coke..do you drink diet?

  2. I am so impressed. No Coke OR sweet tea. That's impressive. I can totally appreciate leaving those out of the diet. Good luck with surgery!

  3. Great job on quitting Coke and sweet tea!!! I know how hard that is. Good luck with your surgery Friday.