Sunday, December 20, 2009

Post Surgery

Hey everyone,

Sorry I have not blogged, but unfortuntely I have no internet at my house still. The surgery went GREAT friday. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me. When I got in the office, they took me back to get prepped. My nurse was extremely sweet and got the IV in on the first try! yay! My surgeon came in and PRAYED over me! How awesome was that! I all the sudden just felt a sense of peace and safety. He prayed such an awesome prayer. Then they let my mom and dad come back and sit with me til I had to go into surgery. The nurse anathesists came back and gave me some "i dont care medicine" which in fact, made me not care. lol. He wheeled me on back to the O.R., gave me a warm blanket and put me to sleep. Next thing I knew, I was awake and mom was coming to my side! I was EXTREMELY thirsty and I told my mom that I was "parshed" haha. So the nurse gave me some sprite. I also remember asking my mom that I wanted to know the "street name" for that medicine they gave me. lol! The rest of the family was able to come back into recovery for an hour. Then they got me dressed, and off I went! Lance drove me home, which I slept the entire way. He got me in the house (he was great) and onto the couch. I started waking up and needed some pain medicine, so i took an oxycotton they gave me and fell BACK asleep for an hour and a half. I finally was able to eat some chicken noodle soup. I actually ate a can and a half! I was so hungry! My mom has been so great! she has waited on me hand and foot, has cleaned my entire house, has cooked, and put ice on my knee whenever i need it. We have wrapped tons of presents, watched tons of movies, and grubbed on goodies! haha. My work sent me a goody bag with candy galore! I was really sore yesterday, I pretty much laid on the couch with an ice pack. Lance's stepmom is an RN so she came to check on me and pulled the drain from my knee. The surgeon said they usually dont have drains for knee patients but a blood vessel ruptured so they had to put one in. Today was a better day! I have walked around some but still kept ice on. I was hoping to get pictures up, but my cell phone is not letting me upload to facebook for some reason? I hope to be able to post again soon!! I can check comments, so feel free to leave all the comments you want! See ya!


  1. Hi Kasey! I somehow missed that you were having knee surgery. I hope you heal up quickly. You take it easy and let people take care of you. That's the best part about surgery. =) Take care!!

  2. I knew you were having surgery sometime but I wasn't sure when! Glad everything went okay! Get better soon!

  3. Glad your surgery was a success!