Friday, November 26, 2010

I love the holidays!'s been over a month since i've blogged last! I honestly did not think my life would revolve around school this much! I've had so much going on you wouldn't believe! Lance and I are moving into a new house this week. It's a long story but we are having to move out of the house that we are in right now because our friends (the house is our friends grandpas house) "need" to move into it. Um, yeah well, needless to say we got right now finding a new house and we did within 4 days! thats so unusal around our area because it's a college town so usually everything is taken up. We found a nice little trailer on 10 acres of land with a big barn! We are having to down size a bit but thats okay because I know we are going to LOVE living at our new place. Everything is fenced in and I know I will feel safe there. It also includes a storm cellar so thats a bonus!

I found some time to go to a concert last friday night! It was brad paisley, darius rucker, and JUSTIN MOORE! It was A-MA-ZING! If your not familar with justin moore, well he's from arkansas and he finally was able to put on a concert in his home state and he did so good!! We even called the hogs! (a razorback thing). Me, Lance, my bestfriend whitney and her husband went and it felt so nice to get out! I haven't done anything since July! It was a great time with my bestfriend, especially with everything going on with the moving situation.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?! Mine was okay. My mom is home from Alabama helping me  pack up my house so we went to Lance's parents house for Thanksgiving. Then went straight home and packed the rest of the day. Wow, what a way to spend Thanksgiving, but it's got to be done. I was in a pretty funky mood having to pack on Thanksgiving, but Lance finally made me realize that I should be THANKFUL for even having a house to move in to. He always knows how to straighten me out. lol!

As soon as we get in our new place, which hoping it will be monday or tuesday, I am putting up Christmas decorations! Yayyy!!! I'll post pictures as soon as I have time!! I hope yall stick around on my blog, I know i'm a slacker but I really do love to blog! Okay, i'm off to catch up on some of my favorite blog sites!

Brad Paisley Concert!

P.S. Well, I was going to add more pictures but it's not letting me for some reason! So i'll try to add some soon!

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