Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Conversations with Caden

So I have been gone all weekend to a Women of Faith conference! If you dont know what that is, look it up! It is A-MAZING! this is my 3rd year in a row to go, and hope I dont miss any for the rest of my life! Lance is gone to Kansas turkey hunting so i'm staying with his family. I dont like staying at home by myself, especially at a new house. Plus, its a really old house so it creaks in the middle of the night, which is even more scary. lol. I've been there all week, so thats why there are no pictures of the house up yet.  :( i'm sorry. Once i get home, i'll clean the house (ya know, because i'm not putting pictures of a dirty house on my blog) then post them! Pinky Promise!!

Caden learned how to ride his horse (its actually a very large pony) all by himself yesterday! It was so fun watching him learn!! I wanted to download the pictures on my computer today at work so I could post them, but my computer doesn't take memory cards. I'll definately have to get them up soon! They are so awesome! He's such a little cowboy!

I also wanted to tell you some of the conversations Caden and I had yesterday. It's so funny some of the things kids say!!!

Me: "How was school today?"
Caden: "Good, I got along with EVERY kid today!"

Me: "Want a snowcone for behaving at school today?"
Caden: "Oh yes! I love cold snocones!"
*We get up to the snocone place*
Me: "What kind would you like?"
Caden: "Blue please"
Me: "Ok, what kind of blue? They have bubblegum blue? Would you like that?"
Caden: "No. Just blue."
Me: "Oh. Ok. Blue it is."

*Caden sitting in the backseat as I take him home*
Caden: "Kasey, did you know I had a girlfriend?"
Me: "Um, no I didnt"
Caden: "Yep. But she's dead now. *he is being totally serious*
Me: *a little freaked out* "Oh wow. Um, what happened?"
Caden: "Oh, someone shot her. They're in jail now. And she's in heaven."
Me: "Well i'm glad their in jail now, and that she is in heaven."
Caden: "Yea, me to. Did you know grandma ann has been in heaven before?"
    *our church put on a play of heaven and hell, and his grandma was an angel in heaven, and he remembers it, so thats what he is talking about*.
Me: "well she was in heaven at church, but not real heaven. You have to actually pass away & be a christian to go to heaven. You have to accept Jesus into your heart".
Caden: *thinking for a minute* "I've got Jesus in my heart!!"

He's just so cute!

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  1. You're sweet! Thanks for the comment! I love reading your blog, PS!