Friday, April 16, 2010

Jessica Simpson on Marie Claire Cover

As soon as I heard about Jessica Simpson posing au naturel on the cover of Marie Claire, I knew I was going to have to post about it. I have always loved Jessica Simpson. Everything from her tv show with Nick, to her perfume Fancy (which i wear religiously). I love how she is just her, and she doesnt care what anyone thinks. She has had so many critics on her about her weight and she has stuck strong. Jessica and her best friends Ken and Cacee has a show out right now Price of Beauty. I LOVE it! Even though I have missed a couple episodes because I dont have cable in the new house yet, I have enjoyed her first few. I love how she is traveling the world and learning about beauty in other countries, the positive and negative sides of beauty. My heart broke on the paris episode when the 80 lb model. She looked like she was just deteriating (sp?). It was so sad!!

Then, Jessica decided to pose on the cover of Marie Claire, with NO makeup, and NO airbrushing! Of course she had her bff there to do her hair but supposedly it was air dried and thrown back in a pony tail. But I think it takes guts to pose natural on the cover of a very popular magazine, when she knows she is going to have critics all over her! I think she is absolutely beautiful in the picture. It shows all her flaws (which is none to me) compared to those little models out there.


I think she is a great role model out there for a lot of girls. For them to see it's okay to be big busted. It's okay to be a little bigger in the booty and hips and arm and face! That your still beautiful!

One of my favorite quotes she wrote in the magazine is “I don’t have anything to prove anymore,” the 29-year-old singer shared. “What other people think of me is not my business.”

She also said that she feels most sexy when she has long wavy hair flowing down her back. And that she loves to air dry her hair, but there are a lot of times where she wont wash her hair until it smells. I thought that was HILARIOUS! She is also coming out with a new "A beautiful me" which encourages young to feel comfortable in their own skin. I'm not sure if its another tv series or a book or what. But I know it will be great!!

I just had to post about this, because I think what Jessica is doing, is so great in a lot of ways!!


  1. I just LOVE Jessica! She is a great role model and this covershoot was a very bold move of her. She looks fabulous! She is a natural beauty.

  2. I thought that was so awesome when I heard she was posing with no make-up! Good for her!