Monday, February 15, 2010

10 Things I Love about My Love

There are so many people that put such a damper on Valentine's Day. I love Valentine's day. But I also feel that you don't have to have a day to show love to your significant other. I'll tell you about the valentines day Lance and I had! It started Thursday night, we decided to go out of town to a Lowe's to look for some stuff for our new house. So we QUICKLY decided to eat at Chili's for our vday dinner. That was our valentine's together :). We both split the bill, so we both spent money on each other for V-day. I loved it. We were able to just talk and laugh, and have no disruptions! But for the actual Valentine's day, Lance and I did nothing but work on the new house all day! And when I mean all day, I mean from 10:30 that morning til 8 that night! Whew we were beat! So, I thought I would do Mama M's Top 10 Things I Love About My Love!

The Top 10 Things I Love About My Love!
10. That he enjoys cooking..and he's really good at it!
9. That he never calls me by "Kasey" unless he's upset with me. It's always babe.
8. He never raises his voice. He always speaks very calm when we are in an argument.
7. His desire to go to church every sunday & be a better Christian.
6. How he encourages me to be a better person.
5. That he is constantly reminding me that i'm "yelling" when we are having a conversation in a restaurant..but he really knows..that's just how i talk.
4. That he's is very patient with me and his son.
3. That he is very protective over me and i know he has my back on anything.
2. How he tells me he loves me at the end of EVERY phone conversation.

And the #1 Thing I Love About My Love:
1. How forgiving he is to me! Without that, we wouldn't be where we are today!

I Love You Lance!

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  1. Awe Kasey you made me smile :)

    You and your Hubs look sooooo cute in these pics! awesome...

    Did i tell you i am starting the P90X workout.. I am shacking of the nerves... Stay tuned for more at my I will post pics i promise