Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Chad

Yesterday was my brother's birthday. He would  have been 27. Chad died September 4, 2000 (my birthday), on the way to my birthday party. He was going around a curve and flipped his truck. They rushed him to a hospital in Little Rock, AR...but he had a lot of internal bleeding. It does not seem almost 10 years since he has been gone. I miss him every single day. But I know he is a much better place than I am. Chad was the hunk of the school. All the girls wanted him. He wanted all the girls too. It seemed like every week he had a new girlfriend. I was always judgemental of all his girlfriends...because I was the only girl that needed to be in his life..hehe. There were only a few girls that I really liked. Chad was my bestfriend and the best brother a little sister could ask for. Of course he picked on me and my sister, but he also loved us very much and would never let anything happen to us. I remember the last words he said to me. I was leaving for my birthday party and he was getting into his truck. He gave me a kiss and said "I love you, see you when I see you". I'll never forget those words! Here are a few pictures of Chad...some where when he was younger before he passed away. I wish I had some more pictures but these were just the ones on his mom's facebook.

Chad is on the left in the Cocoa Puffs shirt lol

He loved fishing. And not wearing a shirt.


  1. Kasey,
    I'm very sorry to be reading this, but being that he was a wonderful brother and friend, he is most definitely in a better place. :)


  2. I did not know this about you! Im so sorry that you lost your brother! He is definately in a better place than we are though :)