Monday, May 24, 2010

A Great Weekend

I had a great weekend! Lance's birthday was Sunday, so we decided to head to Little Rock saturday and spend some time together up there. Saturday morning we got up and got dressed and was all ready to go by 9:00 that morning. We get Caden in his car seat, and go to start the car and it wont crank. So we tried for 20 minutes and finally get it started! The entire way to Little Rock the radio and dashboard lights would blink on and off, so I knew something was wrong. We make it to Lances mom's and as soon as we turn off my car, it wont restart. So I freak out thinking its the alternator and that we wont get to spend our fun saturday together because we'll have to worry about fixing my stupid car. But thankfully, we check the battery and notice it has no fluid. So we went to Sam's and got a new battery and voila, my car was brand new again! Lance and I left Caden with his mom and we went shopping! It was Lance's day, so we went everywhere he wanted to go. But we ended up going to one of my favorite stores Gordman's so I could get an outfit for my cousin's wedding. We had dinner at a mexican restaurant called Cozymel's. It was DELICIOUS! I had a great time. We hardly ever go on date's or go out just the two of us, so it was really nice. Lance wanted to sleep in Sunday, so we skipped church. Then we did nothing but lay around all day. LITERALLY! We were so lazy, but it was nice just to lay around. lol. So, that was our weekend!! How was yours?


  1. oh man glad you were able to fix the car so easily!!
    my weekend was pretty relaxing- got some homework done and got to see my friend in her last dance recital!

  2. Glad the car problem wasn't too serious! And it sounds like Lance had a great birthday! I had a good weekend too, did lots of work in our garden. It was cloudy and a little rainy though...I'm ready for some nice weather finally!