Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My New Header!

Do you like my new header?! Well I do! and I made it all by myself!! Wooo!! It was to stressful though. I been working on it all morning, but finally got it. I dont like how my "Small Town Story.." is a tad blurry. I've tried reducing the font size but it still does it, so I just left it like that. Oh well. I went on scrapblog.com and since I never used the "Quickmix", they gave me like free money..or whatever and I was able to use a template already set up. Then I just changed colors, took things out, rearranged, added photos and such!

This header will stick with me for a very long time! lol


  1. So cute! I love it! I have been trying to make one with a picture in it and I just get so frustrated! But yours turned out great!

  2. Looks great! Glad you got one to work out !! (: