Thursday, October 1, 2009

Busy Week

I figured I would write a quick post before I leave work. This week has been busy with school and other things. Tuesday night we took Caden to the circus here in our town. Let's just say... this circus was a little...weird. No elephants at all. lol. But Caden LOOVVVEDDD the animals. Lance and I enjoyed the acrobats though, haha. Outside of the circus tent was this slide that costs $2 to just slide on it! But, we let Caden slide and after we left the circus, he told us "that was my "fabortists" things at the cirbus"! hehe. hes so cute. Here he is climbing and sliding!

These aren't good photos, they were taken off my phone. But as you can tell, he enjoyed the slide!

Also, last saturday night, we went to our hometown's fair rodeo. One of Caden's favorite animals is horses, so he enjoys the rodeo. Plus, Lance's little sister, Hannah, rides in the rodeos and he loves watching her. She didn't ride that night though.

I've never seen a 3 year old little boy that was not afraid of these huge horses. He rides them with Hannah all the time, he helps out in the barn and everything. He will definately be an animal lover like his dad's side of the family.

Here's Lance and Caden at the rodeo, it's not a good picture, but I love this. Caden is sitting on Lance's lap with his arm around Lance watching the rodeo.

Other than that, my week has consisted of studying. Like any other college student.


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