Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

So this is not so wordless, and not a very good picture. But I can't help but to share him. I just could love all him all the time. For some new readers, this is Caden. Lance's(my boyfriend/bestfriend) little boy. He is the sweetest, most hyper, sensitive, laughing, little boy i've ever met. I'm sorry my pictures aren't very good. I have no professional camera (even though I hope to get one one day), and I do not have photoshop(even though I asked for it for Christmas). So please bare with me. When I get photoshop, I hope to be able to make a very cute header. My blog is so boring looking! And I hope to also edit photos, it seems like a lot of fun! So in the next few months, I hope my blog will be a lot more prettier! haha! I just hope y'all stick around for it!

Hope you all have a great day!
P.S. please be praying for baby Stellan, he's not looking good.


  1. Is so awesome to see how much you love this little man right here, i mean what is NOT to love he's soo cute..Look at that smile :)

    Praying for Stellan down this way too.. So sad but the Lord is good and He has a purpose for that little boy and his family, that i believe :) God Bless them

  2. cute! did you ever try i wish i had photoshop too but for now i use picnik and it works pretty well!