Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Four Letter Word

Yes, that's right. The four letter word every woman hates. The word that makes a woman cringe when it's said. The word that makes you suck in your gut, trying to tell yourself you don't need to listen to that word. Yep, you know what i'm talking about, DIET!! ugh, don't it just make you sick even thinking about it. Well i've been thinking about that stupid word for two years now. The two years that i've gained so much weight that i'm ashamed of myself. Yes all these nice ladies at church is just telling me "it's apart of growing up, and becoming a woman". But to me, it's just stuffing my face every piece of food I see. I'm a HUGE junk food addict. I have the biggest sweet tooth you can ever imagine. Candy never gets old to me. Or cookies, or brownies. I know, sickening right?

So i've decided, if i put my heart into it, i'm going to try to lose some weight. I'm also doing this to get healthier. I've only been out of highschool for a little over two years, and i've gotten so out of shape, it's unreal. I also think it will help boost my self-esteem and my mood swings by just eating healthy. So what's the problem? I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DIET!! Call me stupid, I don't care. All I know, is greasy fast food, and sweets. Yes there is the whole "grilled chicken and veggies". But to me, that's gonna get old quick. So I need some help. Can you please tell me some foods that I can cook and whip up that are healthy and low-fat, low-calorie, low-carb, whatever! I'm a busy woman so it's tough for me to make this big gourmet meal, so maybe things a little easier? I would like to be able to make some stuff the night before so I can bring it in to work with me the next day as a snack. Because my worst problem is getting hungry and reaching for my candy bowl. I love pretty much any kind of food, so there's nothing that will hold me back from trying. I love any meat, vegetables, anything. Oh and exercising? Any dvd's that you recommend that I can do at home?

If you have any ideas, I would so much GREATLY appreciate them. Leave all the recipes, and tips you have! And any of your friends that have blogs and you think they have some great recipes, send them over!!! Have a great week!



  1. Hey Kasey!! I think my signature was from you choose your font, they give you a code...then, under the formatting tab of your blog, paste the code at the bottom in the "template" section! Hope this helps!
    Oh, and stay tuned for a fun thing I've got brewing with Keely at mannland5, something to do with your post!

  2. I know dieting stinks....they told me I needed to loose about 30-40 pounds.

    Every diet I've looked at is yucky, I did find one that is diet for 3 days then eat normal for 4 days. I may try it, because I feel I can do it 3 days a week if I get to eat normal food the other 4. (Just in smaller portions then I normally would eat).

    Good luck on getting that weight off.

  3. It's actually the 3 Day American Heart Association Diet. I don't like grapefruit so I thought I'd do juice that first day, but man, oh man that tuna stinks!

    thanks for visiting my blog.